The used pots need to be clean. If we re-use old ones, we always brush and wash them carefully in order to eliminate all traces of old soil and possible parasites.

We generally use plastic pots as they are of easier handling than terra cotta type (they are not so heavy and can easily be washed). Terra cotta would surely be more appropriate in our climate, but as we use a porous soil mix and that we assure a good ventilation, it is not a problem.
Their size is chosen according to the size of the roots and not to the size of the visible part of the plant. They need to fill the pot, leaving a bare space of about 1-2 cm (1” = 2,5 cm) which is necessary to the development.

We usually use square pots for place purposes (we can place more than if we use round ones). However, we are convinced that growing plants in round pots (and we will do it in the future) is generally better for several reasons :
• Their shape is closer to the shape of the plants (we don’t grow square plants yet ! )
• Roots probably develop better as they don’t face corners
• Space between roots and the container is balanced on every side
• There is probably a better air circulation between them and consequently the heat accumulation is reduced.
• And finally for aesthetic reasons (but that’s a personal opinion !)