Selecta Succulents
Etwin Aslander
PO Box 278
Klapmuts 7625
Republic of South Africa
We discovered that nursery in 1997 and placed orders there every year. The offered plants are of good size and well documented. Many collect references of Kobus Venters (JDV) and Gerhard Marx (GM) are provided. This is a very good address. Etwin edits also very interesting seedlists and the rate of germination is very good.
It seems that he has stopped to sell plants.
Gariep Plants
Kotie Retief
P.O. Box 11017
0028 Pretoria
Republic of South Africa
The list offered by Kotie Retief can be compared to the one of Etwin Aslander. He is offering more and more Haworthias through the years. The plants are of good size and well documented.
Haworthia in habitat
Vincent de Vries
Post Office Volmoed
Oudtshoorn 6624
Republic of South Africa
The nursery was previously known under the name MELVIN NURSERY, then IZIMAKANA SUCCULENT PLANTS.
Vincent de Vries has a very interesting site with lots of photos of plants in the habitat.
He has also a sales list on line. The offered forms are worth placing an order !
Eden Plants
Ingo Breuer
Am Kloster 21
41812 Erkelenz
Ingo Breuer has his personal collection at the previous address of Ernst Specks (Exotica) in Germany. It is worth the visit !
Ingo sells also plants there (the glasshouse in open on Saturday) : well documented haworthias, gasterias, as well as many other succulents and cactus.
A sales list is online on his internet site.
  Mesa Garden
PO Box 72
Belen, New Mexico 87002
  Mesa Garden offers plants and seeds as well. We have only ordered seeds there and the germination rate was variable. Several lists are issued every year.
  Sheilam Nursery
PO Box 157
Robertson 6705
Republic of South Africa
Tel/Fax 027 23 51-4133
  Although we have never ordered plants there, the list of Haworthias is very interesting, with many location data. We could obtain many plants from this nursery through European collections.
  Silverhill Seeds
PO Box 53108
7745 Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
  We know Silverhill Seeds for having ordered seeds other than Haworthias (relatively limited list of Haworthia seeds).
The seedlists are a ‘gold mine’ ; it’s necessary to have good books on SA plants to have an idea of what the plants listed look like !
  Robert Scott Cacti
76 Bousley Rise
Ottershaw Chertsey Surrey
KT16 0LB
United Kingdom
  We have not ordered yet there but have many plants coming from him, resulting from swap with other people. His list of Haworthias and Gasterias is quite impressioning.
  J.A. Audissou
36, avenue du Stade
17450 Fouras
  He offers many haworthias, nice hybrids as well as an interesting succulent plant list. You have to know that address in France if you like to buy Haworthias !
  Succulenten kwekerij Cok en Ine Grootscholten
Vijverberglaan 5
2675 LC Honselersdijk
The Netherlands
  We know Cok for more than 10 years now. He and his wife Ine are our great friends ! His Haworthia collection is really impressive ; the number of plants at sale is it as well. Cok propagates, propagates and propagates choice plants !
It is really the address you have to go to and not only for Haworthias (about 8000 cacti, succulents and other rare plants species).
The welcome is very ‘warm’ there !
  Diederik Van den Abbeele
  It is Diederik who has ‘inoculated’ us the haworthia ‘virus’ during our first visit at the plant sales in Blankenberge (Belgium). It is with Haworthia offsets from him that we started our collection.
  Philippe RICHAUD
Chemin du Claus
  Philippe is offering many cacti and succulents, but Haworthias are poorly represented. Very friendly man !
  Some interesting links to sites on haworthias and gasterias
Jan, a Belgian friend, shows very great pictures of Haworthias, Gasterias, Astrolobas and Adromischus (in fact all the plants we specially like). It is worth having a look at his site.
  Francois Hoes. Many photos (haworthias, lithops…).
  David Martin. His site is a mine of information on Haworthias. You will learn a lot. Congratulation for offering such a nice site on the genus !
  Haworthia Planet. Site presenting the very nice collection of an Italian Haworthiophile. Great photos. Sould be translated into English soon.
  Joyce Cocozza presents a fantastic site: CocozzaCollection of haworthia, conophytum & companions. Joyce is not only known for the quality of her plants and her incredible hybrids, but also for a superb succulents drawings. To see absolutely !
  Gasteria Reference Collection of North America. The site devoted to the genus Gasteria, by Breck Breckenridge.
A lot of good information and photos. A must see for any gasteria lover !
  More general sites on succulents
The Cactus Plant Mall. You are looking for an information, addresses for cactus and succulents… It is that site (and all sites contained in it) that you have to visit
  Le Cactus Francophone. Very useful and complete site on cactus and succulents in France. Rich !