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Welcome on our site, dedicated to a very specific genus of succulent plants : the Haworthia.

Why the name Alshaworthia ?

Because we are living in a very nice area located in the North-East of France which is called Alsace, (our village is about 40 km North of Strasbourg) and because we specially like the Haworthia.
Our passion for succulents started 15 years ago and has increased more and more with time.We are growing some groups of cacti and succulents for which we couldn’t resist when we saw them, some fat plants (caudex) and lots of south african plants, and more particularly the Haworthia.

We really discovered them 10-12 years ago, while we were at a plant sales in Belgium (ELK in Blankenberge) and we met a Belgian man (Diederik Van den Abbeele) who was selling the surplus of his collection. We were really fascinated by the variety of their forms, texture and colours. We can really say that the Haworthia ‘virus’ started to make its effect at that time !
We became more and more interested in them and could obtain them from many people like Cok Grootscholten, South-African nurseries (see ‘sources’ page). Now we are growing and propagating almost all the species of the genus.
We hope that through the visit of our pages you will share our passion for these plants and … maybe become fond of them like us !
You will discover many photos of them in our collecion, find information about our growing and propagation methods, links …

Later, we will expand our site to other groups of South-African succulents that we like also a lot, like Gasterias and Adromischus.
Visit us regularly to discover something new and don’t hesitate to make us your comments or suggestions !
Enjoy !

Francoise and Christian Prud’hon
What are Haworthia ?